Nona Et Decima is an Italian experimental music duo composed by Manuele Frau and Nicholas Pucciarelli. Through the mixture of post-industrial sounds, dark wave and psychedelia, the band expresses an avant-garde style focused on spiritual themes. Manuele is on vocals, drum machines and synthesizers, Nicholas is on guitars and effects. The two musicians currently reside in Helsinki, Finland. In 2019 the debut on Luciano Lamanna's label MULTIPLE with a release of two limited edition vinyl EPs, "Stream" and "River". 

Between 2020 and 2021, the band collaborates closely with Andrey Tischenko, owner of the Tischenko Gallery, located in the centre of Helsinki. Due to sharing the same artistic visions, various projects come to life, the band performs several times in the gallery mixing sounds and images in front of a small number of guests, artists and musicians of all genres. August 2022 saw the birth of New Polar Sound, a music label first and foremost, but also acting as a glue for all those artistic personalities hanging around the gallery, trying to engage in dialogue with as many disciplines as possible. On 12 September 2022, the label's first release was released, 'Far Beyond The Pillars', Nona Et Decima's first full-length, printed in a limited edition on cassette, with packaging handmade by artist and graphic designer Zonderzond

Manuele Frau is a multi-instrumentalist active since 2003 in the Italian music scene, known for various projects and collaborations including Der Noir, Black Land, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Dirty Power Game to name a few. Nicholas Pucciarelli, active since 2005, is currently a member of Finnish droners Vitriol Crops and has been involved with crust/sludge band March of Conqueror Worm and crust punk band Berserk. Both are now part of the band Mortar Devotions, born from the connection with the musician Aleksei Tsernjavski, known in the electronic Finnish scene under the pseudonym Огни. Their album, released on Raffaele Pezzella's Eighth Tower Records, was quite successful in the experimental electronic scene and was voted "album of the day" on Bandcamp in March 2020. 


September 2022.  First full-length 'Far Beyond The Pillars' out via New Polar Sound in tape cassette limited to 50 copies and digital format.

February 2021. "The Oars" videoclip directed by Soko Hwang and Joakim Pusenius is screened at the Embryogallery Festival. The event is curated by Edward Paul Quist, a director and multi-disciplinary artist from New York.

January 2021. Live performance and presentation in Helsinki of "Far Beyond The Pillars", two tracks pieces composed especially for this event in participation with Tischenko Gallery : a sound and visual interpretation of mankind's great explorations: from the Italian genius Umberto Nobile, who invented airships that crossed the skies of the North Pole in the early 1900s, to the myth of Ulysses quoted in Canto XXVI of Dante's Inferno.

December 2020. The compilation "FENOMENOLOGIA", by Circolo Letterario Beatnik is out. 
Nona Et Decima takes part in the tracklist with an unreleased alternate version of "The Unfold". 

September 2020. First official video of the song "The Oars" has been presented. The work is born from the collaboration with the Helsinki based South Korean visual artist Soko Hwang and Finnish filmmaker Joakim Pusenius. A dark and intense short film that evolves between metropolitan scenarios and gloomy forests where a man, immersed in the existential detach ment, takes an unavoidable journey in search of something loose between dream and reality, in an eternal loop. You can watch the video on Youtube or Vimeo for Full HD
April 2020. Alongside amazing artists such as Luciano Lamanna, Mai Mai Mai, Davide Ricci, Valerio Moscatelli and Cosimo Damiano, Nona Et Decima takes part with an unreleased track called "The Feather" to "Klaustrophobie" compilation, made by Klang, an experimental music venue based in Rome. 

February 2020. Out through Eighth Tower Records the first album between the Nona Et Decima and Aleksei Tsernjavski aka Огни. The release is called "Operazione Piovra: The Lead Chronicles", a tense collection of cinematic industrial music themed around dark episodes in Italian history. Check it here on Bandcamp's Album of the day.

December 2019. Nona Et Decima comes out with the second ultra-limited 10'' vinyl "River": the new chapter of the concept started with "Stream". Eeach release represents a body of water that reflects the transit to the underworld, the place where souls go after death to contemplate, through pain and suffering, the weight of every man's guilt, the original sin from which is not possible to escape. "River" is a cursed journey described through sounds and lyrics with a stunning addictive deepness.

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